The Ninth Jordanian International Mechanical Engineering Conference


Conference Track

  1. Design and analysis of energy conversion systems

  2. Energy efficiency and conservation

  3. Renewable energy technologies and applications

  4. Green buildings

  5. Thermodynamic analysis of systems

  6. Heat transfer fundamentals and applications

  7. Fluid mechanics fundamentals and applications

  8. Computational fluid and heat transfer

  9. HVAC and refrigeration applications

  10. IC and hybrid engines and emissions control

  11. Control theory and applications

  12. Design and control of robots

  13. Automation and systems integration

  14. Applied mechanics and materials

  15. Acoustics and vibration

  16. Composite and smart materials

  17. Advances in manufacturing processes and technology

  18. Micro and nano-system applications

  19. Nanomaterials and nanomechanics

  20. Maintenance engineering

  21. Biomedical applications

  22. Engineering education

  23. Other related topics