Keynote Speakers

Ahmad Arafat
Affiliation : Fortinet
Title : Consulting Systems Engineering
Lecture : Two of the main day-to-day challenges that organizations face

Ahmad Arafat is a consulting Systems Engineering at Fortinet holding a master degree in Computer Network Security with Thirteen years of experience in IT Security. Arafat got B.Sc. degree of Computer Systems Engineering from Cairo University in 2001. Started his career as network and security engineer in the largest Distributed University in Jordan - BAU. After reaching Network and Security Team Lead position in BAU, Ahmad takes the responsibility of Regional technical Presales/Trainer for Astaro Middle East (Sophos Network Division) covering the Levant, GCC and Africa. In 2011, Ahmad Joined Fortinet the best of breed hardware accelerated security solution provider As Systems Engineer. Ahmad nowadays is holding Consulting Systems Engineering, INTL role in Fortinet Handling EMEA and APAC. Arafat Has Extensive Experience in many vectors of Information security and its extensions focused on Large Enterprises and Telcos.


Two of the main day-to-day challenges that organizations face; Security and Delivery. Fortinet offers  set of four pillars to overcome these challenges: Connect and Secure the Access, Secure the Application, Application Acceleration and Application Availability.

The pillars and different solutions/technologies proposed by Forinet cover these requirements and challenges. outside of Fortinets core products (Fortigate, FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer), There are in fact 26 Fortinet Advanced Technology products including but not limited to Advance Malware Protection Solution, DDoS Mitigation Appliance, Web Application Firewall, Caching Solution, Database Security Monitoring…etc.