Keynote Speakers

Ulrike Sachs
Affiliation : Siemens AG, Germany
Title :
Lecture : The New Energy Age; do we still generate on demand?


Received Dipl.-Ing. Degree from the Technical University of Erlangen in 1983.

Major Areas of Expertises:

Development of several methods for the planning of electric networks like ripple control, harmonics and the simulation of protection.

Responsible for the software product SINCAL, inclusive development, training, marketing and sales.

Work in Commitees, international Contacts:

•           Since 1994 teacher at the “Haus der Technik” in Essen as part of the RWTH Aachen for theoretical aspects of the calculation methods for network planning software

More than 25 international publications about the working area


The high efforts to transit from an energy supply based on not sustainable energy resources to a much more sustainable energy system with strong environmental consciousness will change the paradigm that energy is generated according to the demand into the opposite. While we also will have to control the consumption it is obvious that we need to get much more information from the networks by intelligence on system level and change our approach how to optimize and plan the new networks.

Also the relevant network planning software will require new features to support the engineers in this new energy age. This includes e.g. the handling of Smart Grid elements like PV and Batteries but also the processing of meter data and the co-simulation of universal grids.