Accepted Papers

Abstract\ Paper Title Author Name
Elimination of Total Harmonic Distortion in Transmission Lines Using Adaptive Fuzzy Logic in De-Icing Process Husam Foudeh (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Jordan) Download
Optimum Position of A PWM Based UPFC and ASVC Applied to Multi-Machine Systems with Non-linear Load Model S Ali Al-Mawsawi (University of Bahrain, Bahrain) Download
Carbon Nano Tube Field Effect Inverter: Delay Time & Power Consumption Analysis Atheer Al-Shaggah (Jordan University of Science & Technology, Jordan); Mohammed Khasawneh (Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan); Abdoul Rjoub (JUST, Jordan) Download
Observer-Based Practical Control Technique for Multicell Converters Djekidel Kamri (University Amar Thelidji Laghouat, Algeria) Download
Usage Wavelet Transform and Global Positioning System for Power Transmission Networks Protection Ammar Hajjar (Univeversity of Tishreen, Syria) Download
Electrostatic Interference calculation from H-V power lines to Aerial pipelinesUsing Hybrid PSO -CSM Approach Djekidel Rabah (LeDMaScD Laboratory, Algeria) Download
A New MATLAB-Simulink S-Function for Modeling a Digital Mho Distance Relay Based on Fast Fourier Transform Algorithm Auday Mohamad (Al-Mansour University College, Iraq) Download
Increasing the Saturated Output RF Power for RF Amplifiers Using a Passive Technique Ahmad Almousa, Anwar ALassaf, Basim ALkhateeb and Adnan Ishtay (KADDB, Jordan) Download
Autonomous mobile robot navigation algorithm for planning collision-free path designed in dynamic environments Cherni Faten (National Engineering School of Sfax & ENIS, Tunisia); Yassine Bouteraa (University of SFAX, Tunisia); Nabil Derbel (ENIS, Tunisia); Chokri Rekik (University of Sfax, Sfax Engineering Download
Design and Implementation of a Versatile Display System based on FPGA for Embedded Systems Oualid Grairi (University of Ferhat Abbas Setif -1 & Laboratoire de Croissance et Caractérisation de Nouveaux Semi-Conductrices, Algeria); Hamimi Chemali (University of Ferhat Abbas Setif -1, Alge Download
Performance Analysis of MIMO System over α-μ Fading Channel for Full Scheduling Scheme Muneer M. Al-Zu'bi, Mamoun F. Al-Mistarihi and Faeik Al-Rabee' (Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan) Download
Face Detection Using Boosting and Histogram Normalization Yassmeen Derhalli, Mariam Nufal and Taher AlSharabati (Al Ahliyya Amman University, Jordan) Download
Investigating Dispersion and Nonlinearity Interaction in Optical Fibers for Hybrid Optical Telecommunication Systems Ahmad Atieh (University of Jordan, Jordan); Mais Wa'ad (Al-Ahliyya Amman University, Jordan); Ibrahim M Mansour (Al-Ahliyya Amman University & University of Jordan, Jordan) Download
Integrated Wireless Sensor Network in Reverse Osmosis membrane desalination plant Ahmad Alhaji (Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, Kuwait) Download
The assessment of Randomness Test Specification Zhang Cong, Zhao Ling, Jinnan Zhang and Yin Shuyu (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, P.R. China) Download
Fault location Khaled Alawasa (Mutah University & Mu’tah Al-Karak, Jordan) Download
1.2 mW 2.4 GHz PLL for ZigBee and BLE standard in Single-Well 0.18um CMOS with efficient divider architecture Purushothama Chary Poloju, Rizwan Shaik Peerla, Sesha Sairam Regulagadda and Abdul Naseeb Mohd (Indian Iinstitute of Technology, Hyderabad, India); Amit Acharyya (IIT HYDERABAD, India); Pachamuthu Raj Download
A Simple Antenna Design for Massive MIMO Techniques Yasameen Al Ajrawi (Amman Al-Ahliyya University, USA); Jamal Rahhal (University of Jordan & Faculty of Engineering, Jordan) Download
DSP Approach for Time-Domain Modelling of Wave-Propagation in Source-Free Frequency-Dependent Materials Omar Ramadan (Eastern Mediterranean University, Turkey) Download
A Low Complexity Algorithm for Mode-Selection of OFDM Relaying Systems Hanan Al-Tous and Imad Barhumi (United Arab Emirates University, UAE) Download
Up to 10 GHz Wideband RF Power Meter Muneer M. Al-Zu'bi (Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan) Download
NANO-TERA.CH: Electronic Technology for Health Management Giovanni De Micheli (Laboratoire des Systemes Integres, EPFL, Switzerland) Download