The Eighth Jordan International Chemical Engineering Conference


The following workshops will be held during the conference:

1.     Bridging the gap between Engineering Education and Industry.

Instructor: Dr. Yousef Abdel Halim Al- Abdallat , Dr. Bassam Bitar, Mr. Bassam Zoumot

workshop outline

The intended objectives of the workshop are to bring the educationalists, their knowledge, perspectives and doings, face to face with the industrialists that are equipped with real life challenges, actual experiences, needs and expectations. The industrial sector is expected to present their concerns, needs and actual outcomes of the educational system to the educationalists. On the other side of the coin, the educationalists should identify roots of the gap and cause sources that lack the industrial sector needs. It is anticipated that bringing both parties, the pillars of the nation progress and prosperity, would contribute to improve the educational system and alleviate the stress on industry to further train and upgrade the needed workforce. We hope this would culminate in future interactions between both communities for the nation and world wide benefits. 


2.     Jordan Renewable Energy, present and future prospects.

Instructor: Prof.Wei-Yin,  Prof. Abdullah Marashli, Ms. Farah Gammoh, Yacoub Marar

workshop outline

We are the chemical engineers do not deal directly with energy needs and production but we use the available energy for the chemical operations in the industrial sector. This workshop is invited to the conference to enlighten the chemical audience with the real progress undertaken by the local Jordanian authorities. Here, in this workshop, the renewable energy projects implemented in various parts of the country will be presented during the conference. Clearly, we are interested in updating ourselves with the real tangible progress that has been achieved so far. This workshop will discuss progress in wind, biomass, and photovoltaic cell solar energy.