The Eighth Jordan International Chemical Engineering Conference

Keynote Speakers

Prof. Razi Nalim
Affiliation : Purdue University
Lecture : Low-Cost Scale Production of Structural Carbon - A Challenge to Chemical Engineers
Title : Professor

Prof. Razi Nalim is Executive Associate Dean for Research & Graduate Programs, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, and Director of the Combustion & Propulsion Research Laboratory at Purdue University’s engineering school in Indianapolis. Before joining academia, he had several years of R&D experience in industry and government. He initiated research into the wave rotor combustor at NASA Glenn Research Center, developed IC engine emissions controls at Diesel and Gas Engineering Co., and led wave rotor modeling at CFD Research Corporation. Recognized at IUPUI as a ‘translational’ scholar for industry partnership in research, he leads an industry-university research consortium developing novel, clean combustion, super-efficient powerplants and jet engines. His research interests include energy efficiency, unsteady fluid mechanics, pressure-gain combustion, wave rotors, biomedical fluid dynamics, and pollution control in combustion engines. His research achievements and project-based teaching methods have been recognized by several awards. He holds 5 US patents related to wave rotors, and has published over a hundred scientific and technical papers

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