The Second International Conference on Industrial, Systems and Manufacturing Engineering




  1. Lean and Six Sigma
  2. Process Improvement and Cost Reduction
  3. Technology and Knowledge Management
  4. Data Science and Big Data Analysis
  5. Decision Analysis and Methods
  6. Forecasting, Data Mining and Pattern Recognition
  7. Engineering Education
  8. Health, Safety and Environment Management Systems
  9. Health Care Management Systems
  10. Human Factors Engineering
  11. Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  12. Product Design and Development
  13. Materials Science and Manufacturing Engineering
  14. 3-D Printing
  15. Modeling, Simulation, and Operations Research
  16. Strategic Planning
  17. Risk Management
  18. Operations Management
  19. Reliability and Maintenance Engineering
  20. E-Business, E-Commerce and E-Government
  21. Supply Chain and Logistics